Apparently this place has some good Daan Tart (egg tart) and as it was not too far away from my hotel, I decided to give it a try.  However, after some more research when walking to the Cafe, I discovered this place is more famous for their pineapple buns instead. I was slightly excited for the pineapple bun than the daan tart as it was actually only 9.30 in the morning

Pineapple bun with Butter


OMG. This is literally the best pineapple bun I have eaten. Pineapple bun is my usual go to item when I get some bread from a Chinese bakery. The bread was warm and the butter just instantly melts inside. The tell however, is the crust on top. It was not too sweet and it did not crumble when you bite into it. It was so crisp and just so good. Highly recommended.

French Toast 


First off  you notice is the better, then there is no crust on the bread. Usually there is peanut butter inside and luckily I remembered this otherwise I would be in my hotel room for the rest of the whole day. The piece of bread is thick and nice. It tastes like French toast should be but more simpler and less sophisticated. I put some syrup on it and was rather nice.  
Milk tea
Not the tea I am use to. It is rather strong and had a lot of milk. Overall I am not a fan but it is bearable for me. I had to add some sugar into it which I usually do not do.

Darn Tart; Egg Tart

This was a very good darn tart. The filing was smooth and not too sweet and had a nice custard consistency. The pastry was interesting as it was a combination of a flaky and short pastry. It was a much easier to eat as it did not get all over your clothes. Overall a very nice darn tart.

Overall I can see why this place is highly recommended.  There are so many locals come to eat here and the food comes out super fast.  The pineapple bun was just unbelievable and the daan tart come a close second. I have never tried a pineapple bun with butter and I may continue this.  However, maybe with less better.

Address; 47 Bute Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong