Every time I come to Hong Kong I come here.  Both my grandparents loved this place and now “Pappa Bear” and his side of the family love coming here and every opportunity they can come they do come.  I have fondest memories of this place and surprised to find out that this place is a Michelin recommend restaurant for at six years. This place has become so popular that they no longer take bookings.  This becomes quite difficult because you bring your own seafood to the restaurant, so sometimes you have to wait for a table while your seafood is jumping around in a bag. Yes this is a seafood Resturant but you bring your own.  

So what you need to do is drive 2 minutes away to a seafood wet market and you then decided what type of seafood you want to be cooked.  Basically any seafood you want you can find it there in tanks ready to be sold.  It is a rather cool place and always interesting to go to.  The only problem is that the fish are kept in very small tanks that they really cannot move around, but at least you know it is fresh.


Prawns with Soy sauce and Fresh Chili Dipping Sauce


You cannot get prawns fresher than this. They cook these prawns live and bring them straight to the table when they are cooked.  They are just so fresh and with the dipping sauce which is so simple it is just so good.

Baked Oysters in Port

This are very interesting. Basically the oysters are shelled then out in tin foil with port poured in and then baked.  It is very nice and makes the oysters slightly sweeter in taste but does not over power the natural taste of the oyster. 

Razor Clams with Black Bean


I love razor clams and I do not think you can get them fresh in NZ. Basically they look like bamboo sticks but with selfish inside.  The have a similar taste to muscles but not as overpowering and less earthy flavour. When cooked with black bean they are just so good, but you do need to eat some plain rice with this dish.

Lobster / Crayfish with butter and Lobster with cheese


Actually these are more like crayfish than lobster.  “Pappa Bear”order this especially because this place is famous for these dishes.  I do prefer crayfish just fresh and as it is, but when in Rome I just go with the flow. Both crayfish are baked or boiled first then baked. The crayfish with butter was very nice and not to buttery. The crayfish with cheese was also nice. The cray had baked cheese sauce on top with a crumble on top.  Overall both agood and I would prefer the one with cheese.  However, I do prefer my crayfish just boiled.

Steamed Fish

We got a gropper fish for this dish.  It is similar to a blue cod texture but not as nice. The fish is steamed with soy sauce, ginger and spring onions. When you steam a fresh fish with this you can not beat it and as we just bought it fresh from a tank it just melts in your mouth, but again I prefer a blue cod. 

Overall I can see why this place is so popular especially with the locals. I have always liked coming here and I hope my family continue to bring me here when I come to Hong Kong. The seafood is always so fresh. Also I remember once when I came here they cooked the best Sweet and Sour Pork ever.  In New Zealand I don’t even order Sweet and Sour Pork as they used the cheapest cuts of meat, but someone ordered it and when it came to the table I was so surprised. I made a side comment to “Pappa Bear” and he just told me to eat it and try it and I was just blown away. If you ever get the chance try this place for an awesome dining experience.

Address; Mile 19, Castle Peak Road, New Territories, Hong Kong 

Websitej; www.dragoninn1939.com