Decide to try this place as it was rated highly on Trip advisor and Open Rice.  Apparently it gets quite busy and at 4.30 in the afternoon every table was taken but there was no need to wait for a table. This place is small and seating is rather tight.  The food is cooked to order and comes steaming hot.

Har Gow; Prawn Dumpling

Nice flavour to this with a good amount of filing. Does not have as much bite/crunch that I have had from other Har Gow and the skin is more on the thicker side. There is a good amount of prawns but the skin is quite chewy compared to other ones I have had.

Char Siu Cheong Funk; BBQ Pork Rice Roll

There is a lot of meat in these. The bbq pork has a nice flavour and they have also added coriander inside. Which I prefer they didn’t as I am not a fan of coriander. The skin is nice and thin, has a nice gloss to it and has a slight chew to it. An interesting observation was that the cheong fun came out without soy sauce on top but instead came in a side bowl.

Traditional Siu Mai (Pork Dim Sum) with Quail Egg

A very nice dim sum. I did not read the menu fully and I thought I was just getting a normal siu mai. However, when it came to my table I noticed it looked different. Overall a very nice dim sum. The pork and shrimp was nice and then the additional quail egg made this dish. My favourite one out off the three.

Overall not a bad place it is still better than anywhere you get in my home city and a lot cheaper too. It tastes like they use MSG here to enhance the flavor as I was quite thirsty afterwards.  The rule of thumb when it comes to yum cha is, you rank the restaurant on how good their Har Gow is.  If I observed this rule, I didn’t rate this place but the other two dishes I got were nice.


Address; 112 Fung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong