A lot of websites and forums say this is the best place to get Daan Tart (Egg Tastes), so of course I had to try them. As I was being in a tourist I decided to try them from their shop at Victoria Peak on Hong Kong island.  There are quite a few branches of Tai Cheong Bakery and it began from humble beginnings but is more this huge bakery.

Daan Tart
If you ever have the ability to eat a daan tart straight out of the oven, besides burying your mouth you are in for a real treat. The daan tart I got were straight from the oven and it was completely out of this world. The crust was a nice crumbly short pastry and the filling just melts in your mouth. It is not too sweet and is a good constancy. It is so heavenly. Yummy

Daan Tart with Cheese

This just sounded weird but I thought I would give it a try. It is not to bad. It mellows out the sweetness and gives it a more savory taste. There is not to much on top and had this thin layer on top. I actually quite liked it.  Even though I thought it was originally weird concept.

Cheese Daan Tart & Original Daan Tart

Daan Tart with Blueberry
The same standard daan tart but with Blueberry jam on top. Also quite nice and not too sweet as I thought it may be due to the additional blueberry jam.

Chicken Pie

Not the standard pie we are use to in New Zealand. It is a lot smaller and rather different. The pastry is short crumbly pastry and a bit sweet. The filing is very dense with pieces of chicken, bacon, corn, peas and carrot. It is a popular pastry item in Hong Kong. However, I think I prefer a new Zealand chicken pie.  

Chicken Pie & Blueberry Daan Tart

Overall some really nice Daan Tart.  They are very very good, are they the best.  I am not entirely sure. Having them fresh was just out of this world. I do find it a shame that they have so many outlets.  They bake them on site but I do not think they make them on site. So they must have a factory that makes thousands of them a day. 

Website; www.taoheung.com.hk