I had the privilege to go and have lunch at the Aberdeen Boat Club.  It is a entry by membership and when you go in your cell phone is to be on silent, but thankfully there is no dress code as I did not bring nice clothes on this trip. We had lunch at The Gallery and Patio, which has a more everyday menu.

Hainan Chicken Rice

I was actually surprised to see this in the menu but it had quite a Malaysian dishes.  The dish was served on for different plates and bowls. One for the rice, one for the soup, an other for the dipping sauces and the other for the chicken.  The rice was very nice and was also flavoured and cooked in chicken stock.  The soup was very nice and treated like it was fresh and didn’t have MSG in it.  Also at the bottom of the deep bowl there were thin strips Of chicken. The three dipping sauces was fresh chili sauce, finely dripped ginger and sweetened soy sauce. Finally there was the chicken.  It was really nicely cooked and had a nice natural flavor to it and when you add all the different sauces with the rice it was a very good dish.

The Desert of the Day; Marble Cheesecake

This was a baked cheese cake and was very nice. My cousin ordered the lunch set menu and got the dessert of the day as part of that menu. The Cheesecake was not overly sweet and was also not too creamy or sickly.  Overall a nice cheesecake.

Overall this place is a good place to eat with nice views and good food.  The chef looks Malaysian, hence the Malaysian food on the menu, but there is also Italian, European and other different Asian cuisines.  I think the reason is because of how many different ethnicities are members at the boat kid.  I also got to try their chicken curry which was very nice and also their lamb chip which was cooked perfectly.

Website; www.abclubhk.com

Address; 20 Shim Wan Road, Hong Kong