Decided to try this place out as it was recommend to me, as someone found out that I like eating Congee; Rice porridge. I was surprised to hear that this place was actually across the road from my hotel which was a real bonus. When I walked into this place it was busy and people sharing tables and majority of locals loudly slurping away.

Fresh Beef with Preserved Egg


If you ever wanted to eat a green egg then Google preserved egg or thousands year old egg. It is not the prettiest thing to look at but it is dam good in congee. With the congee you also get a side bowl of finely sliced ginger and spring onions in soy sauce. What I did was made sure my ginger and spring onions were soaked in the soy sauce and then put them in my congee. I then got my spoon and got a spoonful of soy sauce in my congee as well. The overall congee was very nice and thick. It had a good bass flavour and with the addition of the other things it was great. The beef was nicely cut and was not too thick and the preserved egg was cut in eights of the original egg size and was nice to get the preserved egg flavor in big chunks. Overall a very good congee.

Fish Slices with Preserved Egg


A few days later I went back and ordered congee again with Preserved Egg but this time with fish slices. Again the congee was very nice. However, not as thick as the fist time I had it. I was not sure if the fish was that fresh as it tasted a lot more fishy than I am use to. However, that could just be the type of fish they use. Again the preserve egg was cut quite largely and looked like they added in a whole egg which was just great.

Overall a great place if you want to have congee. It does get rather busy and the shame is that they do not open until 11 am. So no congee for breakfast, only for lunch of dinner. Also it is more than likely you will need to share a table with other loud slurping people. Also there are a couple of branches around Hong Kong, but i went to the one in Yau Ma Tei, opposite The Cityview Hotel


Address: Tung Fong St, Yau Ma Tei