For my last meal “Pappa Bear” decided to take me here, which is located in the Holiday Inn on Nathan Road. He has joined up to a club here and gets discounts and vouchers for free meals. I did not know what to expect except that we were just going to eat Italian. When we fist arrived we were the only ones in the restaurant which I was afraid for but 10 minutes later the place filled up pretty fast.

Antipasto Buffet


OMG this was fantastic. There were Italian cured meats like Parma ham and prosciutto, smoked salmon, fresh made salads and also make your own, cold roasted vegetables, different hard and soft cheeses, including buffalo with tomato and different varieties of dressings to go with a five different lettuce leaves. I was in heaven. All you can eat cheese and prosciutto. OH MY GOODNESS.

Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan Cheese


We had to order our main and I decided to go for the risotto. There were at least for student types of mushrooms and fungus in the risotto. The rice was nicely cooked with a bit of bite and was not at all to creamy or soupy. I did wonder where the parmesan cheese was as I did not see any on top. However, when I took my first mouthful you could definitely taste it. Also afterwards it did stick to the side of my teeth, which was a problem. Overall a very good risotto.

Dessert Buffet


So I could not believe there was another buffet to attempt. There was a berry cheesecake, a berry slice, Tiramisu, ice cream, chocolate creme brûlée, coffee panna cotta and various fresh fruit. The cheese cake was alright, as to was the panna cotta. The tiramisu was very nice but the winner was the chocolate creme brûlée.

Overall a very nice lunch. Loved the Antipasto Buffet. The service was very good and even though Pappa Bear did not pay for the lunch due to his voucher surprisingly I did see him tip the staff.

Address; Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Hong Kong; 50 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui