Took a day trip up to Palmerston North to catch up with a friend and their family. I had arrived just before lunch and they decided we go to Cuba Cafe. They told me it was popular with the locals and that we should give it a try. They also said that the cafe reminds them of Wellington as it is busy and more on the loud side, which I had a bit of a laugh at.

Hash Brown Stack


I saw someone else eating this while we walked in and I thought I would have to try this. At first, when it came to my table, I thought it looked on the smaller side.  However, It was a bit of trickery as you do not judge an amount of food stacked vertically, you judge how much it fills the plate. The dish was stacked with two hash brown rostis’ with spinach, bacon, mushroom, tomato, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. The hash browns looked homemade and were very nice.  I did feel there could of been a mother mushroom and another piece of tomato put inside the stack.  Overall the dish was very nice and I was satisfied.

Triple Deck


This was a crazy slice/brownie.  A chocolate brownie top, with a cheese cake filling middle and a chocolate flavoured cheesecake base.  It was a very nice slice.  However, the serving size was too big for me as it was just to full on after halfway.  Would of been nice with some cream, a good slice to share at the end though with someone.

Overall a really good cafe and I can see why it is busy.  Lots of food to chose from off the menu and a good amount of cabinet food with lots of cakes and slices.  The service is good and fast, especially how busy it is and there was no surcharge as I went on a Easter Monday. Overall a very good cafe in Palmerston North.

Website; Cuba Cafe

Address; 236 Cuba St, Palmerston North