Mulan and I went to the special Q & A session on the latest New Zealand film “Hunt for the Wilderpeople“. We decided to go to dinner beforehand and Mulan suggested going to a place that is in the Entertainment Book. I looked through the book and found that I had not used the voucher for Viva Mexico.

I had been there for over two years ago with some mates for a birthday and had not been since.  I enjoyed their food there and was looking forward to trying out the place again.

Cheese and Chorizo dip with Corn chips


This was a special and not on the menu. We were originally going to share the Jalapeños filled with cheese, but as soon as the waitress told us about this dish we decided to go for this one. We first noticed that the corn chips were made on site.  They were a lot thicker and crisper and were really nice. I did find them over seasoned with salt though, when eating them by themselves. The cheese dip was also very nice and had a good chilli fit from the chilli flakes sprinkled on top and the chorizo. A great dish and should be permanently on their menu.

Enchiladas; Chicken & Cheese


This was also on their specials menu.  I ordered three of them as it was only $3 extra compared to two. The plate was very hot to touch and the dish had chicken filled tortilla, with black beans, their green sauce and pickled onions. This was a fantastic dish and i really enjoyed it. You do have to eat the enchiladas with the sauce or otherwise it is quite dry.



The last time I was here, I was forced to order this by my friends. As we were both full, however, it took little effort to convince Mulan to share some with me. I was first surprised to see pineapple on the dish as I think it is necessary, but it matched.  The flan as just so good.  It is a cream caramel like flan but is very dense and smooth.  The berry coulis and caramel sauce with the flan just makes the dessert better.

I could not believe how busy this place is. It was rocking with tables of large groups and the kitchen was always pumping out food. The staff are very attentive and the food comes out rather fast. Overall a great place to eat in Newtown if you are ever in that side of the woods.

Website; Viva Mexico

Address; 161 Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington