It’s Monday night and of course where do a lot of people flock to; Chow for their two for one deal. This places is already busy by 6 o-clock. We couldn’t get a seat at a table and the wait was at lest half an hour unless we wanted to sit at a high table or the bar. “Pepper Potts” decided upon sitting at a high table and we got the table opposite the bar facing the window.

Mussaman Curry of Braised Lamb Shank


Besides the lamb shank meat (as there was no bone) there was also Kumara and coriander. It also comes with peanuts, however, I asked for it not to be added to my dish. The lamb shank are fried before hand and have a nice flavor to it. The kumara is a very nice addition to the curry and the sauce is creamy but not too creamy but in my opinion does lack punch in terms of a spice that usually comes in a curry.

Salmon Parcels; grilled

This is Pepper Potts’ default dish at Chow. A cube of salmon with a spinach and cashew pesto wrapped in real rice paper skin. Also on the side there is pickled ginger and soy sauce. This is a great dish especially when you eat it with their coconut rice. Good size pieces of salmon with good flavor. I really like it with the ginger, however, Pepper Potts does it without.

Rib Of Beef

Beef that is marinated in coconut cream, lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime and chili. This is also one of my favorite dishes here at Chow. The beef is always tender and nicely marinated and cooked. However, again it does say in the menu it is marinated with chili, but I never feel it.

Salt & Pepper Squid


Again this is another of Pepper Potts favorite dishes. The squid is always fresh and tender when you order it. The squid also comes with a wasabi mayo, which is nice, but again lacks any kick.

Sticky Rice with Brûlée Pineapple


I have had this numerous times over the many years. However, this time it was a real disappointment. The rice did not taste fresh and was too guggy. A real shame.

Overall Chow is a very reliable place. The service and good and the food is good. However, it does lack Asian authenticity at times with the lack of chili or spice. Also what was unfortunate to our dinning experience were our seats. The seats were bolted to the floor and they are so close to the table that you really do not want to set there much longer than an hour. So choose your seats wisely. Also lighting is not fantastic as you can see by the photos. I am a frequent visitor to Chow. However, I only go on Monday’s for their two for one special. I purposely don’t decide to go on other nights as I honestly do not think it is worth the full price you pay.

Chow; Website

Address; 45 Tory St, Te Aro, Wellington