I had an early morning rehearsal during the weekend and needed to get some breakfast, so I decided to take a short drive to Strathmore before heading to work. I had not been for a while and was interested to see if anything had changed.

Date Scone


They had three varieties of scones, the usual savoury and also a sweet scone with rhubarb. I decided to go with the typical date. They asked if I wanted heated and with or without butter. I asked for both. The great thing was they put the scone into an oven not a microwave and they smothered the scone with butter. When I took my first bite into the scone, I noticed how crisp and crunchy it was but not dry. The scone actually tasted and had the texture of an American biscuit while I really thought was very different but very nice. The scone was loaded with Dates and obviously mixed into the mixture.

Chocolate Chip Cookie


I asked what type of cookie they had on top of their cabinet, just out of interest. When they mentioned it was a Whittakers chocolate chip cookie, I had to try it. The cookie had a nice caramel taste to it and had a good crunch. It was not overly sweet and was a great treat.

Flat White


I have had some good coffees here. However, I was disappointed this time round. It was not as strong as I like it and slightly a bit too much milk compared to the amount of coffee. Yes, I did get it in a takeaway cup, so the quantities may be different to a normal flat white.

Even though I had takeaway food.  I was very impressed with the food that I had. The food in the cabinet looks even more appealing and if I was planning to get a takeaway lunch in the Eastern Suburbs this is where I would go. There were so additional new items and still had their in house smoked salmon and lasagna.

Previous Visits; March 2015

Address; 6 Glamis Ave, Strathmore Park, Wellington

Facebook Page; Gypsy Kitchen