Decided to have a catchup with Velma and she decided where to catch up. We were originally going to go to either The Bresolin or Scopa but heard from the grape vine that they were not as good as they sound. So they decided that we go to Capitol. I have never been to Capitol for dinner and whenever I walk past it is generally always busy so I thought it would be a good place to try their WOAP burger.

Chorizo Burger


Wairarapa pork and chorizo patty with manchego, local eggs and pickled onions on a Pandoro brioche bun

Presentation wise, this did not really excite me, except for the potatoes. The first time I have seen a burger with half cut potatoes this year. The patty of the burger was good but would of benefited with less salt. The manchego was a nice addition as to was the egg. The pickled onion was alright. The bun was grilled on both sides, which I have not seen a lot on my burgers this year. Overall the burger was a real disappointment and nothing special.

Warm date cake with vanilla custard & cream


I cannot say this was presented very nicely and I was slightly disappointed. At the bottom was a slice of date cake and on top was a date like chutney. Besides this looking  not very nice, it also lacked flavour. I did not feel there was not enough vanilla custard and the portion size overall was a real let down.

Overall I was really disappointed with Capitol, quite a few people talk about this place, but it was not great for me. It was just ordinary and I really have no desire to go back, as I can get better food at other places for the same price. You would think for Wellington on a Plate a restaurant would up their game as it is an opportunity for new customers to try your menu, but this place did not do anything for me.

Website; Capitol Bistro