Left work as soon as I could to see if I could try the burger at Portlander. I heard really good things about this burger so I called before hand to see if they were serving the burger after 2.30pm and they had to ask the kitchen and surprisingly said yes. When I arrived I sat in the bar area and felt slightly special as they made an exception and made a burger for me.

The Steakholder


Medium rare rib eye with Scotty’s Meats double smoked bacon, fried egg, onions, melted Te Horo Swiss cheese, shoestring fries, seed mustard and Huffman’s Hot Sauce in an Arobake bun, with frickles and agria potato skins

When the burger arrived, I was surprised to see what was on my plate. A generous amount of agria potato skins, the nice piece of rib eye in the burger and how big the knife was to cut the burger.

Firstly the agria skins were really nice, seasoned well with a good amount of tomato sauce on the side. In the burger. The rib eye was beautifully cooked, the bacon was really nice, the onions were caramelised, there was lettuce, the fries with the melted swiss cheese was awesome and had a good amount of mustard and hot sauce.

Overall the burger was fantastic. The best meat burger I have had yet for WOAP 2016. Everything worked really well together and with the addition of the mustard and hot sauce it heightened all the other flavours in the burger. I especially loved the fries with melted cheese on top and the rib eye steak. I wish I could have another one.

Website; Portlander