As Grill Meats Beer does not close between lunch and dinner and I thought I would go for a visit since the internet at work went down for maintenance and i could not do any work. I have heard a few good things about their burger and I thought I would give it a try. Surprisingly there were quite a few people in the place eating while i was there and the service was still very good.

Lamb Shank Redemption


Spiced Wairarapa lamb patty with braised shank, Cuba Fruit Mart beetroot, baby kale, roasted pumpkin, Kingsmeade Castlepoint feta, and pine nut aioli, on a Pandoro bun

The burger is presented nicely and I was surprised to get fries with the burger. The patty is actually bigger than the bun, which is cool and is stacked fairly high overall. I tried to eat it with my hands and it was pretty difficult because I could not open my mouth wide enough. The lamb patty was cooked very nicely was still slightly pink in the middle and had a good pepper kick. The braised shank was also very nice and nice to have different cuts of the same meat in the same burger. The beetroot was grated and very nice and was very interesting to have raw kale, but added a nice crunch texture to the burger. The roasted pumpkin was a really good addition especially with the feta and the whole pine nuts in a pine nut aioli.

Overall this was a really good burger. The meat was stunning and the crunch from the kale and pine nuts gave it a good texture. The spice was awesome and then you add the combination of the feta and pumpkin. A good home run.

Website; Grill Meats Beer