Time to try what surprises are installed for at The Library for WOAP 2016. I was surprised to see that they were doing a fine dine menu as they usually do not serve savoury food, but I was not here to try that menu. I was here to try their burger offering. However, I totally forgot how dark parts of The Library can get. I felt rather old in the crowd and we were joking that we needed to use our cellphones to help us read the drinks menu.

Sweet Slider Surprise


A trio of unique, sweet sliders to tease and tantalise your taste buds

Unfortunately you do not get any information about this dish even if you ask the staff.  They just say it is a surprise. When we arrived just before 9 we asked if they were still serving their burger and they said they only had two left and as there were four of us I said that we would have both.

When they arrived, I was slightly surprised to see how big the plate was. I knew we were getting sliders, but they looked even smaller on the plate. I suppose that is why they squirt chocolate sauce around the plate.

We tried the smaller one first; a vanilla macaroon with chocolate sauce inside and fondant. It was alright nothing special about it.

The second one we tried was the biscuit based slider. It was a shortbread biscuit and had chocolate in the inside with peppermint. It was nice and I liked the texture of the shortbread.

Lastly we had the one that most resembled a burger. It was rather hard to split in half as the base was so hard. In this burger was a biscuit top. Inside the burger was ice-cream covered in chocolate with a rice bubble cake base. This was my favourite and something I could make at home.

Overall the dish was good. The standout was the last slider we tried. The others unfortunately were just alright. As they were sliders there was nothing really to excite you at the burgers. So an average dish.

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