Pepper Pott’s sister recommended that I try this as they tried it earlier before going to Beach Babylon. It was not on my list of places to try but as it was recommended to me and it was next to Beach Babylon I thought I would try it.

It’ll be Sweet


Carrello del Gelato chocolate patties with Bohemein white chocolate cheese, passionfruit mustard and raspberry ketchup, in a Clareville Bakery doughnut bun

This burger is not as big as the usual meat variety of the burgers I have had. However, it did look impressive. A donut bun, which was heated had chocolate gelato inside with white chocolate, passionfruit and raspberry. What really can go wrong with this. Also inside the patty was bits of dark chocolate or something that added an extra crunch in the burger.

Overall a very nice dessert burger. It is not something that is going to blow your mind but it is very comforting. It really tasted like home.

Website; Carrello del Gelato