Greek Food Truck; WOAP – Wellington

My friend wanted to try one more burger during the Food Truck Rally and decided to try the burger from the Greek Food Truck. I have tried their souvlaki before and think they are really good and maybe be the best in Wellington.



Heracles Mitimiti (beef and pork) patty with grilled halloumi, chef’s tzatziki sauce, tomato, onion, beetroot relish and fried onions

This is a very heavy burger. I could not believe how heavy it felt when I was carrying it. The burger was actually very hard to eat as the burger was so tall and full of things inside. I discovered in the burger there was actually two patties, three big pieces of halloumi with their tzatziki sauce , slices of tomato, onion and other bits of salad. I do not think they make their own patty but the tzatziki sauce was very nice and thick and had a good flavour to it.

Overall an alright burger as I said it was a monster to eat and was very filling, I think I only really needed to eat half. The halloumi was a fantastic addition as to was the tzatziki and the beetroot relish. Unfortunately it is not competition worthy but it is a good burger.

Ranking of Burgers so far;

10 out of 10; Blows My Mind!
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9 out of 10; Home Run!
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8 out of 10; Choice Bro!
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Heracles Greek Food Truck
7 out of 10; Alright
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6 or Below; Try Next Time
Chorizo Burger (5/10) Capitol Bistro Mmmm….Chicken (6/10) Plum

Website; The Greek Food Truck