Bebemos; WOAP – Wellington

After having a light dinner at Sterling, Pepper Potts and I decided to head over to Bebemos and try their burger. It sounded appealing and we wanted to compare this burger to Southern Cross’s Burger; Mac Daddy. When we arrived we had to wait for about 10 minutes for a table and it was so busy we then had to wait another 45 minutes for food. We were fine with that as we had already had a light meal before.

Joined in Holy Macrimony


Harringtons chorizo and Preston’s short rib patty with cheese, Preston’s bacon aioli, chipotle slaw, and sweet and spicy tomato chutney on a housemade mac ‘n’ cheese bun

I was surprised to see potato crisps on the plate. It is a rather American thing and something you do not really see here in NZ. There was a good flavour in the patty. As the chorizo was combined with the short rib,  but was rather chunky and meaty. Also there were a few chewy parts in the patty which I presume was from the chorizo.  The chipotle slaw saw very nice and had a good kick to it. The tomato chutney was a great addition and the Mac n cheese bun was very nice Came with a side of crisps as I said, which could of been house made. Unfortunately I was not a fan of the bacon aioli.

Overall the burger was really nice when you add all the elements together. What was unfortunate was you could not eat it with your hands, you were forced to eat with a knife and fork otherwise it will fall a part. Also the burger would of been really hard to eat it by yourself as it was quite a big serving. I did enjoy the kick in the burger from the slaw and the patty and then you had the mac’n’cheese bun to cool your mouth down. A very good concept and a good delivery.

Website; Bebemos

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