I organised a dinner with Pepper Potts, Louie dePalma, and Winifred to go to Jano and try their Festival menu. I really like Jano and when I heard that they were the winners of the Festival Dish Award and also got a Hat at the 2016 Cuisine BZ Good Food Awards. I had to go back and also try their Festival dish.

Zany Zeus Organic Feta


Zany Zeus feta with Capital Produce parsnips and pears, and The Nut Shop walnuts

This was a very nice dish. I really liked the Feta cream that was in the middle of the plate. It was my star of the dish. The log was a terrine made of parsnips and pears with a walnut moose at the top. This dish was very nice and a nice starter.

Capital Produce Red Cabbage


Red cabbage with Commonsense Organics prunes, On Trays parmesan and The Nut Shop hazelnuts

This dish was presented very well. Before the dish came we received three different types of glassware with different liquids in it. When it arrived you then poured different amounts of liquids into the glasses and it changed colour. It was meant to be a homage to the Bucket Fountain in Cuba Street.

On the dish was a prune inspired bottom with a cabbage fondant. Around the dish was a prune skin. Inside was cabbage with roasted hazelnuts and a  parmesan cream and parmesan on top.The liquid that you poured into the dish was a vinegar and cabbage juice. Overall this was a very beautiful dish and something I have never tried before.

Whittakers 72% Ghana


Whittaker’s chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

This dish was unbelievable This dish was made of chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. The chocolate they used was Whittaker’s 72% dark chocolate. There was a chocolate sorbet, chocolate slice/brownie, chocolate sauce, and a chocolate moose covered in chocolate. This dish was not rich was not sweet and was just so good.

This Festive menu was very nice.  I also got to try the Salmon which was beautifully cooked and seasoned with mussel juice and the Main of Beef was also outstanding. Overall again, I was impressed with this place and can see why Jano is receiving all these accolades. I also heard that they will try keep the cabbage dish on their menu for a bit longer after Wellington on a Plate. So you still have time to try it.

Previous Visits; Mar 2016, March 2016

Website; Jano Bistro