I later discovered from Pepper Potts that I had actually tried a different variation of Nanny’s Food Truck WOAP burger. So I thought I would hunt JP down and try the version he has been selling during WOAP. The one I originally had, had a normal bun and some other elements missing, so I got another one.

Mark 2.0


200g beef and lamb patty with cheese sauce, bacon, chipotle sauce, fried pickles, caramelized onion, homemade mayonnaise and fresh slaw on a Zaida’s milk bun, with fries

Looking at my burger and now reading the blurb I discover that the burger has been modified since the menu was originally printed. Instead of the milk bun there is now a doughnut bun. The patty was nice and pink inside with the cheese sauce poured on top.  It had a good amount of bacon and it was nice having fried pickles in the burger as well. The burger was oozing with mayonnaise and BBQ sauce with a nice coleslaw with apple and mandarin. Also with the burger, there were waffle fries with a good dolloping of BBQ sauce and mayonnaise on top of them.

Overall this burger was very nice and a lot better than the original version that I tried before Wellington on a plate actually started.  The doughnut bun was a fantastic addition and I think it was made when the rest of the burger was being made. The doughnut bun made the burger sweeter but also the apple, mandarin and BBQ sauce added to the sweetness. The burger was a bit messy to eat. However, it was all worth it. This version was so much better than the first version I had and I am going to improve the original ranking of this burger. Also I cannot believe how well priced it is.

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