Went to the Food Truck Rally to see what was on offer and found out that Onebites Indonesian Gourmet Food Truck was there. Onebites was one of the Food Trucks I wanted to try because of what I saw in WOAP Brochure / Booklet. I like myself a good Beef Rendang and wanted to see what it would be like in a burger.

Andalas Burger


Pulled beef rendang with coriander aioli, pickles, caramelised onion, a sunny-side up egg and crunchy lettuce on a Pandoro bun

I was very surprised to see how nicely presented this was, especially as it was in a takeaway box. The bright purple of the pickle, the yellow of the egg yolk, and the aioli made this burger very appealing. The Beef rendang was very nice. However, not spicy enough for me. The egg nicely cooked and adding the sweet and sour from the caramelised onion and the pickles was a good addition. The bun was very fresh and grilled on the inside.

Overall this was a fantastic burger. I loved the pulled beef rendang with the coriander aioli. The lettuce was a great addition with the pickles, but the winner was the egg. Yes it made the burger a bit messy to eat, but it was the worth having some of the burger on my fingers. I could of eaten two of these burgers.

Facebook Page; Onebites Indonesian Gourmet Food Truck