Wellington on a Plate is over for another year. It is rather interesting how me and my friends get involved with this festival. If it was just a festival that showcased events and restaurants with their Festival Menus it would be not as interesting for me. None of the Festival events actually interested me and the one that did (which was Cafination) just canceled with no reason why. With the festival events, they were just none inspiring for me.

If it was not for the Burger Competition, I think I would of just sat at home and cooked my own food. It was very interesting to see what burgers came out of the woodwork. Some looked uninspiring and turned out to be fantastic burgers. With others sound inspiring and just fell flat. It will be interesting to see which burger comes out top, but here is how I voted. I only voted on the last night, so I could compare and refine my voting.

Final Ranking of Burgers for WOAP 2016;

10 out of 10; Blows My Mind!
TKFC Ti Kouka The Steakholder; Portlander
Charley Trap Charley Noble Roo Burger The Larder
The Crusty Crab Eat Street Major Tom Beat Kitchen
Sterling Burger Sterling Mark 2.0 Nanny’s Food Truck
Andalas Burger Onebites Food Truck
9 out of 10; Home Run!
Sweet As Burger Hippopotamus It’ll Be Sweet Carrello del Gelato
Umami Burger The Ramen Shop Hot Blooded The Hideaway
Lamb Shank Redemption Grill Meats Beer Joined in Holy Macrimony Bebebos
8 out of 10; Choice Bro!
Turducken Down Five Boroughs Mac Daddy Southern Cross
Heracles Greek Food Truck No Smoke without Fire Beach Babylon
7 out of 10; Alright
The B’s Burger The Glasshouse
6 out of 10; Try Next Time
Sweet Slider Surprise The Library Mmmm….Chicken (6/10) Plum
5 out of 10; Don’t Even try it
Chorizo Burger (5/10) Capitol Bistro

There were so many more burgers that I wanted to originally try but after reading what people wrote on social media, I decided not to try them. Also social media influenced me on other places, that I originally did not want to try.

Also I was surprised to see some places just fall flat. I would of thought WOAP would make restaurants bring their “A” game. However, some were just disappointing with food and service. I even got a bit of attitude from a staff member from a cafe because me and my friend only spent $60, but if we got offered dessert instead of the bill coming to the table, we would of spent more money.

Overall I think the Food Trucks won on the day. For me they were the ones that used their imagination and bought their creations to life. They were just so good and it was great to see them in the Burger Competition. I think a lot of the Food Trucks underestimated how busy they would be and selling out of food, which is great, because Food Trucks offer something that restaurants and cafes cannot. That is the the owner of the Food Truck is also the cook and the person that serves you and they have total control on what get served to the customer.