Managed to finally have lunch with Maui. It has taken a long time to track this man down but it was great to catch up. We decided to have lunch outside of the city, so we did not have to pay for parking and not restricted by time as we were both enjoying a break from work.

Shaved Lamb


I decided to go for the pizza option for lunch, but was surprised to see how they presented their pizza as it seemed more greek inspired, than the traditional flat round pizza. On the pizza was shaved lamb, three types of cheeses, red onion, tomato salsa and yogurt. The base was very thin and had a nice crust from the rolled up edges. I was also surprised that it was not already cut, but I also appreciate that it wasn’t. The pizza tasted really nice and the yogurt on top was a standout for me.

Flat White

Not a bad coffee, but more on the weaker side to what I usually like. Not sure what coffee they use here though.

Maui  ordered the special for the day, which was a gnocchi with grilled duck. The gnocchi was pan fried. I managed to try some and it was soft, fluffy, perfectly cooked and cooked really well.

I have heard good things about this place and was impressed with the food and the decor of this place. It has a nice open fire inside  and a courtyard that you can use at the back. The service is good even though it was not that busy during lunch on a weekday. I will go back and see what their brunch menu is like.

Website; Salty Pidgin

Address; 5 Todman St, Brooklyn, Wellington