Pepper Potts discovered that Egmont St Eatery was one of the five finalists for the Best Burger and Beer Match for Wellington on a Plate 2016. She asked me if I wanted to try it out as they were still serving the burger after WOAP. I thought why not, lets see  why they became a finalist.

Sichuan Mutton Burger


Sichuan Mutton Burger with Pickled celery in a boa bun with crispy fried squid

This was very nicely presented. I really liked the crispy fried squid. The squid was fresh, nicely seasoned and was nicely cooked. The burger was nice but the beer match must of been bloody good. What I did like was the mutton patty and was nicely cooked. It had a strong taste and was pink on the inside. I also liked the Sichuan Chilli jam in the burger. I thought the pickled celery was alright, but I was not a fan of the coriander in the burger. What I was really disappointed with was the bun. It tasted undercook and was quite doughy in taste. Overall, I liked the concept but the actual burger was disappointing.

Lamb Cheek nuggets, con di mint sauce


As soon as I saw this on the menu, I had to try it. The cheeks were beautifully tender and coated in a thin crisp crumb. The sauce that came with it, was a cross between mint sauce and mango chutney. It was really nice and went well with the lamb cheeks.

Load Fries


House cheese, dashi gravy, and chicken salt

These fries were nice at the top. The were nicely seasoned and the cheese sauce with the dash gravy was very nice. However, when you get to the bottom it became more salty and more difficult to eat.

Overall I like Egmont Street even though I did not have the best meal this time. The food is fresh, cooked nicely and the service is very good.

Previous Visits; July 2015, Sept 2015

Website; Egmont Street Eatery