Discovered that Louis Sergeant is still serving their burger that they did for Wellington on a Plate and as they were a finalist I thought I would go and give it a try. I had also heard mix reviews from it so I wanted to judge it for myself.

Le Canard du Roy


On Trays duck confit and duck liver parfait with Capital Produce zucchini, citrus and micro-herb salad, prune chutney and truffle mayonnaise in a truffle brioche bun

When the burger arrived, I was actually surprised to see how small the burger was. The chips were very nicely cooked and had a very good crunch. However, they did need salt as I do not think any was added before it came to the table. The truffle mayonnaise on the other hand, was very rich and quite hard to eat with the chips. It was hard not to have the mayo because the fries needed dipping sauce though.

The Burger was nice. The brioche bun was very nice and toasted on the inside. The duck confit was nicely cooked and went well with the duck liver parfait. I also did like the zucchini, and micro herb salad in the burger. The prune chutney went very well with the duck and also inside was some of the truffle mayo.

Overall the burger was good, but I personally would not rate it a 10 and do not see how it was rated one of the best burgers. It was rather rich and the more you ate the richer it became. I did want to say I liked it but it was good but not fantastic.

Website; Louis Sergeant