A friend decided to go here for Lunch as she wanted to have something to eat on this side of the town. I heard through the grape vine that the original owners of this place had sold up and is under different management. I was actually interested to try this place as I had not tried this place since it had changed hands.

Open Sandwich


I was surprised in myself that I ordered this menu. I was originally going to go for the pulled pork burger, but I saw this dish come out of the kitchen and I thought why not give it a try as it looked very appealing. When this dished arrived I was surprised to see how much halloumi was on the plate. The halloumi was nicely grilled, salted and had a good amount of cracked pepper on top. Underneath was halved beetroots, green salad, all sitting on olive toast. However, I do not think the toast was actually olive bread but there was olive tapenade spread on the toast instead. The dish worked very well and I really enjoyed it.

Flat White


When this was arrived, it smelled really nice. However, when I took my first sip, I was instantly disappointed. The coffee was very weak and there was not a lot of milk and was just watery. One of the worse coffees I have had in Wellington. A real disappointment.

I hav always dismissed this place when thinking about going to have brunch around Lyall Bay. I always end up going to Maranui or Queens Sally’s. Besides the really bad coffee, I was surprised to see how good the food is. There is a cabinet full of sweets and some savouries and the menu is extensive if you looking for breakfast or lunch. I might have to go back and try out their other offerings.

Website; Elements Cafe