Mulan sent me a message in regards to this place and I had also walked past this place  before they had actually opened a few days later. I have been following this place on social media and was interested to see that they had sold out of food at lunch on Thursday and Friday. I had also discovered that this place is opened by an ex student of mine, so I had several reasons to why I wanted to try this place out.

Edamame Salsa – Wonton Crisp chips


This is a very interesting concept. A had never thought of making a salsa out of edamame beans and making crisps out of wonton skins. Overall I thought this dish was nice, but it did lack a bit of salt. However, I was happy to add my own, instead of having it being too salty.

Pork Belly Gua Bao


Twice-Cooked, hoisin, pickled cucumber, spring onion

The bao is made with milk and was cooked very nicely. The twice cooked pork belly was also very nice and cooked to perfection. Overall this dish was very nice and I could have eaten two of these very easily.

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken – Thai basil mayo


This as well was a very nice dish. The chicken was cooked very nicely and had a good crunch to it. Also it had a good amount of pepper in the dish, which gave it a good kick. Just be aware not to breath in too hard when eating it.

Mince & Cheese Dumplings


Pot sticker, pale ale, aged cheddar

I honestly wanted to like this dish, but for me, it just did not work. It was like a mince and cheese pie filling wrapped in a dumpling wrapper. I liked the filing and I also liked the chilli oil that came as a dipping sauce. Overall a disappointing dish.

Spring Onion Flaky Pancake


I have eaten a lot of these in the past and was intrigued that finally a place in Wellington makes them. The version here was an interesting variation. I liked the flavour of the pancake. However, it is not as light and fluffy to other versions I have had.

Fries – Sambal oelek mayo


We didn’t really need this dish as we had ordered so much food. However, we did. The fries were nicely cooked and I really liked the samba oelek mayo. I really liked dipping the popcorn chicken and the flaky pancake into it.

Overall I liked this place. Yes, some dishes were not too my liking. However, there are plenty of items on the menu to try. The service is good and they have an extensive takeaway menu as well which is good.  I cannot wait to go back and try their other items on the menu.

Website; Mr Go’s