Guy Fawkes night and I organised to see the display with Buttercup and Maui. The City was packed and we decided to go get dinner beforehand. Maui suggested that we go to the Wellington Night Market, which is on Saturday evening on Lower Cuba Street. We wondered down and what caught my eye was this Chinese Food Stall selling Jian Bing which is a similar to a crepe with savoury fillings inside. TBH, I actually do not know what is the name of this stall is. I did a bit of research online and there is no name, so I gave it a name.

Jian Bing; Pork Belly and Bacon


If it wasn’t for the amount of people ordering a Jian Bing they are made pretty fast. First they lay down the crepe mix to a hot plate, then crack an egg on top and spread it around and then added chopped up coriander and spring onions on top . Next they flip it and add hoisin sauce, lettuce, carrot, your savour filling and then this deep fried wafer. Watch a video on how they make it here.

When Maui got his, he tired to get his out of the bag. Which I just laughed. I then told him just to rip the bag, which then he replied “good that you’re asian”. When I took my first bite, I could instantly taste why these are so popular. The crunch from the wafer and then the pork belly and the bacon with everything else, it was just great. So much so I could have easily had another one, and Maui was disappointed that we did not go back after the fireworks.

Overall a great fast and cheap meal. Love how they have added a kiwi touch to the crepe with the addition of bacon. Besides the Chinese Night Market you can also find these guys at the Capital Market on Willis St, so you can have these any day instead of just waiting for a Saturday night.