A cousin and her fiancé were in town and wanted to catch up with the family. I drove past the rebranded Mediterranean Foods and thought this place would be a good place to try especially with a table of eight people. We decided to go there for a weekend lunch and they serve their daily menu and a brunch menu on the weekends. The place is now nice and open and has a great seating area which allows a lot of natural light. It has also increased it’s seating capacity and shrunk it’s retail arm, but still sales a lot of great stuff.

Quattro Formaggi


Four Cheese: taleggio, provolone, fontina, gorgonzola

I do like my Four Cheese pizza and always either order the Quattro Formaggi or the Margarita when I am having an Italian pizza. It looked like a very appetising pizza, but I felt the base was slightly too thin for this type of pizza or it was cooked a bit too long. The combination of the four cheeses tasted nice but was slightly dry to other Quattro Formaggi pizzas I have had. I actually would of liked more cheese on the pizza especially the gorgonzola because you want to be able to identify the different cheese on the pizza.

Flat White


They serve Kimbo beans at Mediterranean Foods, which is an imported bean from Italy. You first notice how pale the coffee is. It is nice bean and has a nice flavour but not as strong as Wellington beans.

Overall a great place to go for some good pizzas. They are made in a pizza oven and the pasta is made fresh, what else can you ask for in an authentic Italian experience. Everyone was very pleased with their food and their tomato base pizzas that I tried were very nice and I think the next time I do go I will have one of them. The service is good and great for large groups. Also on a Monday night they do a one meter pizza special, which I have heard goes down a treat.

Website; Mediterranean Foods