A group of us including MacGyver, Wilfred, Louie DePelma and some others went to Sterling Woodfire Eatery & Bar to celebrate Pepper Potts’ Birthday. It was a great night had by all, but what I found interesting was everyone had looked at the menu beforehand online to see what was on the menu including myself. What was even more intriguing is that everyone at the table had their phones out to obtain definitions of cooking techniques and items that were on the menu. The interesting observation was that we are so desperate to know the information we cannot wait to ask someone what the answers. I decided to be different and test the waiters knowledge as there were some items that I have never heard before. It was great actually having a conversation about cooking techniques and items on the menu and seeing how everything is prepared instead of reading it on a small screen. Also in the conversation I asked for her recommendations and I was not disappointed with my order.

Crispy Pork Belly


Crispy Pork Belly, Hopped Apple sauce, swede & potato sarladaise, black pudding

This dish was bought to me twice. The first time accidentally because it was meant to go to the table next to us (by the maitre’d no less). The second time, which was when everyone else got their mains. The first thing you notice is the crackling on top. It was perfectly crisp and had a good crunch. The pork was nicely cooked and very tender, but I did wonder how they cook their pork as it seemed like it was poached below the skin. The seasoning of the pork was very nice, I did like aspects of the hopped apple sauce, the only thing was the hopped aspect to it, as it gave the sauce a slight bitter taste afterwards. The potato sarladaise was very nice and is similar to scallop potatoes. The black puddings was sprinkled on top of the pork, but I did wish that they were bigger pieces and more of it. However, overall a very nice dish.

Fat Cut Crinkle Chips, Truffle mayo

I have had these before and I cannot remember what I wrote. However, these are nice. A great concept but can be improved upon. Basically they do not need as much salt on them. The truffle mayo is nice but you do not want to put too much on the chip as it is quite a rich mayo.

Crispy Pig Ears, sauce gribiche

I had never had eaten pig ears before so wanted to try it when someone else ordered it. They were crumbed and served like chips with a side sauce that was similar to tartare sauce. They had a chewy texture, as I expected. Even though I have not eaten them before, I felt they were fried maybe a bit too long.

Dark Chocolate & Olive Oil mousse, persimmon

Winifred and Louie DePalma ordered dessert. The rest of us did not feel like it or nothing really interested us. However, they both could not finish half of the single dish. So they handed it down the table and MacGyver and I ended up finishing it. Overall it was a very nice dessert. You could not taste the olive oil in the mousse but you could definitely taste the chocolate and it was very rich. I could not even eat a quarter of the dessert, but it was a really nice dessert.

Overall a nice experience at Sterling. There were two other tables of eight plus people including us a table of eight. The service from the waiter was good but the maitre’d did not convince me, as when we started to pay she didn’t print our receipt and just asked how we were going to pay and she split the bill for us. However, I thought it was rather pricey for the dinner we had and I questioned the bill. She did not look impressed but after a closer look she noticed she was charging us for the table next to us. It may of just been a long day for her. However, the food was good and seems like to be the next big restaurant on The Terrace.

Previous Visit; Aug 2016

Website; Sterling Woodfire Eatery & Bar