Buttercup and I were meant to catchup in the holidays but as I was at conference and she was out of town, it didn’t quite happen until the end of the break. Buttercup decided to go to Scorch-o-rama as the day started as a sunny day. However, once we arrived it was starting to cloud over. However, we managed to get a seat in the inside pretty swiftly, so there was no real problem.

When we looked at the menu we noticed that it has changed. We found out that it changed only two weeks ago. Buttercup covered from that menu, while I decided to order from their special menu as I knew I would be back to try their normal menu.

Rueben Sandwich


Corned Beef, Braised Cabbage, Scorchio sauce & Swiss Cheese on Rye with Fries and Salad

A trade mark to Scorch-o-rama is their thick slices of bread and their fries inside a coffee cup. You gotta love a cafe that has a signature trait to their food. The fries were nicely cooked and nicely seasoned and went really well with their side sauce, which I presume is also their Scorchio sauce. There salad is nice, but it is just a usual salad. But of course the start of the show was the Rueben sandwich. The corned beef was cooked twice and the with the braised cage it was very nice. The Scorch sauce was a great addition as was the Swiss Cheese. When you combine the ingredients with the toasted rye it was a fantastic sandwich.

Caramel Slice


My guilty pleasure on a Saturday morning. This was a great Caramel slice. Dark Chocolate on the top with roll oats added into the biscuit base. The caramel was very nice and not overly sweet. Add it together a great caramel slice.

On a cloudy Scorch-o-rama is not very overly busy, I suppose because people think of this place when the sun is out and they want to eat outside. However, it does not mean the food gets worse. It is nice to see they have changed their menu as sometimes you feel that some places get dated because the menu is always the same.  As always great service and great food. What else can you ask for during a weekend brunch.

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