Have walked passed this place a few times when I go to the Newtown Vegee market  on a Saturday. One day I was in desperate need of a coffee so decided to give it a try. Black Coffee is an Espresso Bar, not a cafe as they have no kitchen to cook food. They have a few things on offer in terms of food like a brownie, cookies and some sandwiches that can be grilled.  They also sell other hot and cold drinks.


I ordered a Flat White and their barista knows how to make a good coffee. The ratio of espresso to milk was really nice and the coffee espresso had a good depth to it. Black coffee use Havana beans which also gives the espresso good flavour and balance. With their coffee you also get some jaffas on the side or on top of your coffee lid.

In the Espresso bar they also sell fresh Havana Beans. The Bar is very hipster and has the “Newtown” Character down to a tee. They also sell a bit of merchandise including vinyl, sheet music and other things. Overall a nice place to have a coffee with great character.