After the Conference, unfortunately we could not get a flight out of Rotorua so we had to drive up to Hamilton and then fly out of their back to Wellington. We decided to leave Rotorua straight after the conference and then someone checked Trip Advisor and we decided to give Gothenburg a try as it was highly rated on the website. When we arrived we could only order from their snake menu, so we decided to order one of everything and give it a try. Also I discovered it was a finalist in Cuisine Magazine’s Good Food Guide for 2016.

Beef tataki, rare seared sirloin, miso mayo, crispy shallots, coriander


This was beautifully presented and a great dish to share. The beef was cooked beautifully and had a nice texture to it. The miso mayo gave the beef a slight kick and the crispy shallots add a bit of sweetness and crunch, while the coriander adds some freshness to the dish. Also on the dish were some black beans. Overall a very nice dish.

Calamari, coriander and cashew pesto


It was nice to see a dish where the fried squid shares the plate with it’s sauce. The squid was beautifully tender and cooked nicely. The coriander cashew pesto went very well with the squid and also had a bit of sourness to the dish. Great dish!

Gin soaked salmon, orange, dill crème fraiche, vanilla vinaigrette


This dish seemed like it was the miso bouche when it arrived because there were six of us. The Gin soaked salmon was very nicely cured and then the addition of the orange, dill, creme fraiche, and vinaigrette bought everything together very nicely.

Crispy potatoes, truffled aioli, spiced tomato sauce, chorizo salt


Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of these before someone started attacking the dish. The roasted potatoes were very nice, well seasoned and crisp. The spiced tomato sauce below the potatoes was nice and as too was the aioli with the crispy potatoes.

Blanched edamame beans, crushed sea salt


The edamame beans were very nice. I always thought that the edamame beans were very soft. However, these had a more al dente texture to them, which I really liked.

Polenta chips, roasted garlic, parmesan mayo


These were a standout. The polenta was very smooth inside with a nice crispy outer shell. When you added the parmesan mayo these were outstanding. So Good that i would of ordered another dish of them.

Skagen röra Swedish classic mix of prawn, dill, lemon and mayo, grilled ciabatta


This was another beautifully presented dish. The best way to describe this dish is like a classic NZ shrimp cocktail with toasted bread. However, it is different. The shrimps were cut in chunks and had finely sliced onions mixed together with dill, lemon and mayonnaise. Overall a nice dish.

If I ever go back to Hamilton I will need to go back to this place for either lunch or dinner. The food here is very nice and I can see why this place was a finalist in the Cuisine Magazine’s Great Food Guide for 2016 and why it is rated so highly on Trip Advisor and  Zomato. The service was very good and the food came out in a nice speedy manner. A great place to eat.

Website; Gothenburg Restaurant