Besides hearing about Fergburger, I was also told about Fergbaker. What is better about this place is there are no lines and it is a very kiwiana bakery. This place is busy but it is as easy in and out once you have decided what you want.

Pork Belly

Slow rotated to perfection in a caramelized apple and Dijon mustard sauce

This pie was yum and you can see all the ingredients in the pie. The pork was cooked nicely and tender but not stringy. There were big chunks of apple in the pie and with the addition of the Dijon mustard made this pie good.

Steak and Cheese

If you going to have a pie and see if a bakery is up to scratch you need to have steak and cheese pie. Here the pastry is very nice with big chunks of steak. The gravy is of good consistency that it does spill out when you cut it. Good amount of cheese and overall a nice pie.

Lamb Shoulder and Kumara

Hand diced shoulder of New Zealand Lamb, marinated in my Moroccan spices & slowly braised with kumara

This is was a very nice pie with the kumara nicely cooked and adding to the sweetness to the pie. Again nice chunks of meat and the kumara soaked at all the juices and add to the flavour of the pie.

Venison and Portebllo mushrooms

Shoulder of Fiordland deer braised in red wine, roasted portebello mushrooms & carmalised onion marmalade 

Another really nice pie. However, it was hard to find or taste the mushrooms as they must of shrunk. The onion marmalade was very nice and added to the sweetness of the pie with good chunks of venison.

Vanilla Slice

This was a really nice vanilla slice with very nice vanilla cream with real vanilla which you can see. The layers were really nice and kept its shaped. While the icing gave the sweetness to the slice

Boston Bun

Apparently this place is famous for its donuts. However, I was really disappointed. The donut was not cooked properly inside and was very doughy and chewy. Raw dough is not nice! The cream on the other hand was good.

Almond Croissant

I love a good almond croissant and this was a good one. The almond inside was maybe slightly too rich and I do not think I could eat a whole one. Luckily we split it four ways.

Almond Chocolate Croissants

If you are going to try the Almond Croissant. Then maybe you should try their chocolate almond croissant as well. However, his was too rich for me. They used dark chocolate and with the almond butter it was just a bit too much, but if you split it with someone, it is a good eat. 

Christmas Mince Pie

These were very nice. In the Christmas mince was sultanas, orange rind and currents. There maybe other stuff but I could not tell. The mince was not overly sweet and was very moist, which made theses really nice. The crust was also good and held its shape and not too thick. Overall a very nice Christmas mince pie.

Thank for Momma bear and Brother bear and his family I managed to sample a lot of goods from Fergbaker. Overall a very nice bakery and you can tell a lot of locals come here to get their baked goods. Also there is always a steady stream of customers and the open hours are insane. Opening at 6.30am and closing at 4.30am. 7 days a week. Well worth a visit!

Address; 40 Shotover St, Queenstown, 9300, New Zealand