Arrived into Queenstown and after sorting some stuff out Momma Bear and I manage to find Brother Bear and his family. We all wanted to get a drink and somewhere to sit down. Brother Bear read that Mrs Fergus had opened a new cafe, selling their gelato but also some food and cocktails and somewhere where you can actually sit inside. 


I decided I wanted a drink beside a gelato. They make the thickshack from the gelato flavours that are displayed to the customers. I decided to use their chocolate brownie gelato as my thickshack flavor. When itit arrived  looked really good and I could not wait to try it. The thickshake was really nice and had a nice chocolate flavor to it. It was really easy to drink and was not too rich. The nice party of the thickshake was the small chunks of brownie. Yummy!

So now I have tried their gelato, which were all nice (as I tried a few). The next stop is to try their baked goods.