Another night of takeaway and I decided to check out TripAdvisor and discovered this place. It is ranked number two restaurant in Queenstown on the website. However, this place is not actually a restaurant it is just a takeaway store. Also Pedro’s use to be a restaurant in Christchurch. However, after the earthquake they had to close and then set up a food truck,  then a takeaway shop and have expanded to Queenstown. That night no one wanted to cook so we ended up ordering two trays which included one land shoulder and some scalloped potatoes.

This was just awesome. The lamb was seasoned with garlic and rosemary. However, it was hard to taste the rosemary. Still the lamb was nicely seasoned and nicely cooked. The lamb just came off the bone and was so tender. The outer edge of the lamb was slightly crisp which contrasted to the tender lamb underneath. The potatoes were also very nice and tender and were cooked or soaked in the lamb juices. Overall a very nice lamb roast.

On the website they say it feeds two people, but I think it can easily freed three and if you decided to add some salad and bread it can be stretched out for four people. We only ended up eating one whole tray and a bit of the other between four adults. Overall a very nice roost with great potatoes. I highly recommend this to anyone except vegetarians off course.

Website; Pedro’s House of Lamb

Address; 139 Hallenstein Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand