I saw this place while walking the streets of New Plymouth and it was something I wanted to try.  I have seen posts of places combining Hong Kong egg / bubble waffle, turning them into a cone, putting ice cream inside and then turning it into a sundae. I love egg waffles and always remember eating them as a child when I was in Hong Kong and now it has evolved into something completely different.

Apple Twist

Vanilla waffle, Apple and cinnamon filling, vanilla ice cream, banana and passionfruit syrup

This was really nice but can be very difficult to eat. The waffle was very nice and also had the Apple and cinnamon filling added to the waffle batter. The waffle was crisp on the outside and nice and warm in the middle. The banana was fresh and had a good firm texture. Then adding the ice cream and passionfruit syrup made this sundae very nice.  Everything worked well together, was not too sweet and quite easy to eat.

Overall I really enjoyed this place, but I can see some variations in the ingredients to the sundae can make it really sweet and hard to eat. I was surprised to see ingredients added to the waffle batter but it really worked and gave the typical egg waffle a different taste. The waffles were made fresh to order and that really makes the difference. The place also allows you to make your own sundae or order one off the menu. A great place but I wouldn’t go  too often.

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