Finding places to eat in the CBD of New Plymouth is not as easy as you think it is. I was really surprised actually how quiet the CBD can be during the evening. There are many fast food eateries but not many sit in restaurants. So I looked through TripAdvisor and found this place. I thought it was a bit of a gimmick but I did not feel like fast food, Indian or Asian. So off to Deluxe Diner we went.

When you walk in you feel like you are pushed back in time with the place looking like a 60’s American diner. There are booths, tables and counter space for people to sit at. With waiters wearing 60’s diner costumes. The menu is very extensive with a huge dessert menu and drink selection.

Crispy Southern Chicken Wings

Fried chicken is my kryptonite and I just had to order it. One thing you do notice when ordering in smaller cities, is that servings are bigger than the bigger cities. So I was surprised to get five whole chicken wings with a good amount of sauce. The fried chicken was nicely cooked and the skin had a good crunch to the skin, it was nicely seasoned and not overpowering and had some slight kick to it. The sauce chipotle sauce was a good addition to the wings.

Cheesy Fries

To be honest, I was disappointed with theses. The cheese was grilled on top instead of there being cheese sauce poured on the fries. The disappointing part was some of the chips were burnt due to the grilling process and became slightly dry because of it.

Butter Cup also ordered dessert. I didn’t because I was too full but I have to mention what she ordered. She order the Pink Cadillac; Berry couli, soft served ice cream, cheese cake, white chocolate, marshmallows, meringue & fresh whipped cream. It was just a full on dessert.


Overall this place is alright. I think it is more of a gimmick than anything else. The food is good but could be improved. The service is slightly slow which is generally caused by the kitchen not being all that fast. The servings though are big and not badly priced.

Website; Deluxe Dinner

Address; 36 Leach St, New Plymouth