Truck Moved to Christchurch & Opened Eatery in Lower Hutt: Nanny’s Eatery

I have been to see JP numerous times and have written about him a few times. However, time is nearly up before he goes.  He has indicated that he is selling his truck and will be traveling for a bit. So if you have not been it is now time to go. He can be difficult to find at times and usually hangs at Third Eye Bar, Frank Kitts Park or at Hobson Street. However, if you check his Facebook page he keeps it updated regularly. 

Nashville Chicken


This is very similar to his Fried Chicken burger. However, it has double bacon and no cheese. Plus it is super spicy. Besides the Fried Chicken there is apple slaw with cabbage and carrot, Mayo, mandarin and BBQ sauce. If you like hot spicy food this is the burger to have. Everything just works and the addiction is how spicy it is. Love this burger.

Waffle Fries


These are just so good and with Mayo and BBQ sauce, what else do you want!

So if you have not tried Nanny’s, it is now time to try it. JP is a great cook and also great for a yarn. I highly recommend you go see him before it is too late.

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