Walking around Wellington during the New Year period, I have discovered how hard it is to sample coffee from Coffee Roasters. Supreme/Customs, Flight,  L’affare and Havana were all closed. I wasn’t really looking for a Flat White, I was looking for something different like a v60, chemex or something where coffee is not made through an espresso machine. However, nothing was open, so me and one of B1 and B2 ended up at Aramo Cafe, which mainly is a cafe, but also roasts their own beans.

Aramo is a new roaster on the street, and prides itself to not just roast beats from South America or Africa but also Vietnam, which apparently is the second biggest producer of coffee beans. So I had some interest to try it out.

Flat White


I and B? were surprised at how dark the coffee was when it came to the table. However, I was very surprised at the taste. Apparently they use their “Welly” blend for their coffees. At the beginning the coffee is quite sharp and punchy. However, it mellows out quite nicely. It is quite a fragrant blend that packs a good punch. Overall a nice coffee.

Sausage Roll


Both of us ordered a sausage each. It is a “man’s” sausage where it is quite big and chunky. I thought the sausage roll would just come on a small plate with hopefully some tomato sauce. However, it was heated and came with some salad and some tomato chutney. Overall the sausage roll was really nice. It was packed with meat and and had good flavour to it. The pastry was a bit on thick side, especially at the bottom, where the pastry was quite solid. The chutney went really with it and the salad was slightly a bit heavy on the dressing, but alright.

Carrot Cake


I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to carrot cake so when I saw it in the cabinet, I had to give it a try. This was a really nice cake. The cake was moist but had a nice thin crust on the edge of the cake and it had a good amount of cream cheese icing on top. I would have to say one of the best carrot cakes in Wellington.

Overall a very good eatery and a good addition to Cuba mall. The food was good and I will go again and try some of their food off the menu as we only had cabinet food. The coffee was really nice and I will certainly go back to see if I can try some of their vietnamese roast and maybe have it with a vietnamese coffee.

Website; Aramo Coffee

Address; 126 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington