Pepper Potts and I were looking for somewhere to eat after watching a movie at Lighthouse Cuba. Pepper Potts suggested Chow because it was Monday and they offer 2 for 1 on their long plates but I was not feeling it. So down Cuba street we walked and we came up to Scopa and I saw on their blackboard that they have Meatball Monday. I have seen this on their Facebook feed but hardly ever out on a Monday so I thought we would give this a go. Plus Pepper Potts loves their Margarita and I knew she would be in for it.
 Mozzarella in carrozza
Mozzarella, basil, anchovy fried sandwich
I was excited that this is back on the menu. It has been gone for a while. Basically it is a grilled cheese sandwich with anchovy and basil inside. One thing that has slightly changed is that they have made the dish twice as big.
This Sandwich was just so good. The crunch from the bread and then they do not skimp on the mozzarella or the anchovies and the basil gives it this really nice taste. I love this sandwich and could easily just eat two of these for dinner.
Meatball Monday

Pork and herb meatballs on house made spaghetti with grana & basil

You can only get this dish on a Monday, which is very clever. The dish looked really nice. The spaghetti was nice and thick and you get a good amount of meatballs and parmesan with some nice fresh tomatoes tossed into the sauce and a good amount of basil on top.

The spaghetti and sauce tasted under-seasoned. However, when you add the meatballs into the mix it is such a great dish. The pork meatballs were nicely cooked and had some nice herbs mixed into the meat. The sauce had quite a bit of slice garlic in it which I thought was fantastic as well. Overall a very nice spaghetti and meatball and could easily be the best in Wellington.

With so many offerings on where to eat in Wellington. You forget to go and eat at the places that are always good and consistent. The service and food is reliable and fresh. In Wellington we are truly spoilt for places to eat that at times we just forget to eat at the Wellington institutions.

Website; Scopa