Was walking around the Petone Shops and decided to go and have a look at OnTrays. I like looking inside OnTrays, but have never bought anything, purely because I am just a scrooge when buying ingredients. However, before I went in I discovered on one of the billboards that they make sandwiches and as I was hungry, I decided to order one.



Honestly I did not know what to expect as OnTrays is a deli and not an eatery. However, the sandwiches were made to order and are in a takeaway box ready to dig in. The sandwich was conveniently cut in half and separately wrapped with the bread toasted on the outside. Visibly there was a good amount of corned beef and sauerkraut and the pickle on the side looked good. The overall sandwich was really nice with nice dressing and some relish. Also you could taste the swiss cheese. I loved every bite of the sandwich it was just so good.

I was surprised to see that OnTrays make sandwiches to order. However, I was very pleased that I ordered one. While you wait they also offer you a free coffee from the espresso machine which was really nice, but I did not have one. For less than $8, I thought the Rueben was really well priced and you can order a mega sandwich which has more ingredients than my Rueben. Also if you decided not to use a bag, you get 15cents off your purchases. Overall this sandwich was great and one of the best Rueben’s I have tried. I will be back to try their other sandwiches and hopefully soon.

Address; 38 Fitzherbert St, Petone, Lower Hutt 5012

Website; OnTrays