Was a fantastic day in Tauranga and what else to do but have fish and chips by the water. I discovered this place is rated #3 on TripAdvisor. So I thought I would give it a try. I was pretty lucky that I arrived just after 11 because when I had finish eating the line was long and a lot of people were waiting for their food.




I ordered one fish but ended up getting two. Bonus! The fish was super fresh and beautifully cooked. They batter The fish to order and I think they add a bit of seasoning to the batter. The fish was ever so slightly greasy for my liking but it was still a fantastic piece of fish. The chips were just your standard McCains chips, but they nicely cooked and you could tell that the oil they were cooking with was fresh and new.

Overall this would be the best fish and chips I have had and it’s cheap. It was fresh and the batter was crisp and not too heavy and thick. I did try to order some bluff oysters but they had sold out. I would advise though if you are going to visit this place, go during the day as the oil will be clean and fresh. It gets so busy, I do wonder if they have a chance to change it.

Address; 1 Dive Cres, Tauranga