I thought since I had a car in Tauranga let’s see what their coffee roasters scene is like. I did a Google search and at the top Excelso appeared. Off I went for a short drive and there I was. I was surprised that you had to walk to the side of the building to find the shop and the rosters. However, inside was this very cool looking shop which was nicely designed and had seats inside and outside. I decided to order two coffees one to have there and one to have takeaway.

Single Origin: Kenya, Kamugiri AA


I had this brewed throw a syphon. I asked the person at the counter to give me some advice and she literally had no idea, then another person took over and she could not answer my questions, and finally someone knowledgeable served me. She recommended I try this roast with a syphon, and it sounded more like my preference.

The roast was really nice and there were hints of chocolate when smelling it. When I tried it. It had a more earthy taste but rather light. It also had a warmth to it with hints of apricots and was not sweet. I then asked for the testing notes and was overall surprised to see what they wrote; black current, blossom and vanilla. I have never seen the word blossom to describe coffee before. I asked what they meant in blossom and the person said floral. Weird!

Flat White

I had this take away and started drinking it when I was in the car driving off. This coffee totally ruined my experience of this place. The coffee was weak and tasted of a latte. The coffee had no substance and it was like drinking watered down hot milk. I should of said something or drank some just as I left the shop.

The only reason I would be to go back to this place is to buy the coffee accessories and maybe buy a coffee plant (as they sell them there). I was surprised to see how many people actually walked into the shop, ordered a coffee and were known by name. All I need to say is Tauranga needs to improve it’s game and the next time I am traveling to Tauranga I will just bring my own beans, grinder and my v60 to get my caffeine fix.

Website; Excelso Coffee Roasters

Address; 112 Third Ave, Tauranga