I was road tripping up to Tauranga and decided to stop in Taupo and try this place out. Someone that I follow on Instagram went to this place and it looked so good that I started following Pauly’s on Insta. Every time they post I got a bit envious. so when the chance to try theses guys out opened up, I had to make it a mission to try it out.

Deep Fried Mac’n’Cheese 


Was originally going to try the loaded fries but when I saw this on the menu I had to try it and take a picture to make Pepper Potts a we bit jealous. I thought this would be presented in small bit size pieces or as a flat patty to ensure it was consistently cooked throughout. But it was bought as a brick of crisp goodness. The outside was solid and kept it shape and had a good crunch to it. Inside was hot mac’n’cheese. This was truly fantastic. The cheese sauce had mustard seeds in it and all the elements were nicely seasoned and made a great side.

Southern Fried Chicken


With my order, I decided to go with the siracha and blue cheese sauce with my fried chicken. I was also stoked to see that they used thigh pieces (instead of breast pieces). When it arrived, I was surprised how many pieces of chicken I got and slightly surprised to see the sauces poured on top. However, the chicken was cooked perfectly with the thigh meat juicy and succulent.  The coating was great but slightly over cooked for my liking. The combination of the sauces worked really well with chicken and some great fried chicken.

I later discovered that I got so many pieces of fried chicken was because they were about to close when I ordered.  They had sold out a lot of their food and were closing early. While I was eating I manage to get to know the two owners; Steve and Ants (who are brothers). These two are great guys and I had a great yarn with them. Basically these two love great food and love making great food. However, Taupo were not necessarily ready for them when they opened three years ago. The people were not use to eating free range chicken, patties that were freshly made and the price that comes with it. However, they have stuck with it and it is paying off. Also they do not allow for changes to their menu as they believe everything they put in their dishes work perfectly together and if you substitute something out or add something in, it changes everything and I would agree with them. Overall some great food in Taupo that is not just your typical takeaways, Indian, Thai or Japanese. I will need to come back and try their burgers and hopefully it is sooner than later.

Website; Pauly’s Diner

Address; 3 Paora Hapi St, Taupo