Fidel’s has been a staple in Cuba street since the mid 90’s. I remember coming here and Eva Dixon’s in my high school and university years. Unfortunately Eva Dixon’s  has long disappeared but Fidel’s is still going strong. I usually go to Fidel’s for an afternoon snack catching up with friends and have some cake. However, this time I came for an early light dinner with Betty Boop after doing the Open Home circuit.

Fried Chicken


The Fried Chicken also came with a side of ranch dipping sauce. I was surprised to see four pieces of fried chicken but slightly disappointed that the chicken was off the bone and they used breast meat. However, the fried chicken did look very appetising. The coating on the chicken was crisp and had some spice added to it, but not a lot and the chicken was cooked really nicely. The ranch dressing went really well with the Fried Chicken. However, I did have to add salt to the chicken to give it more taste.

Margherita Pizza


Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil & parmesan

Betty Boop ordered this and she allowed me to try some. The pizza was not that bad. You could clearly smell the parmesan when it came to the table. It was nice to see fresh tomatoes placed on top and a good amount of basil placed on top. However, I am not sure how much mozzarella was on the pizza and you had to add a bit of salt on the pizza.

Milkshake; Coffee



If I want a milkshake this is the main place to go besides Maranui in Lyall Bay. Unfortunately they do not serve Lime anymore, but I think I have found a very good replacement in the Coffee flavoured milkshake. The milkshake is thick and has good flavour. However, you do need an empty stomach to finish this off.

Fidel’s is on top of it’s game in Upper Cuba Street. A few years back it did go slightly down hill, but I think that was because of the cook they had at the time. Fidel’s is back to what I remember it to be in the 90’s and 00’s. The cakes are good, especially the carrot cake and the snake menu is good. I do wonder what their brunch, lunch and dinner menu is like, which I will try sometime in the near future.

Address; 234 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington

Website; Fidel’s Cafe