Went her for an end of week dinner with some of my colleagues. One of my colleagues Betty Boobs chose this place because it was BYO and also had good food. I have been here a few times with Pepper Potts but well before I started blogging. I also realised when I was dinning her that it has been open for 23 years. An impressive feat especially in the Wellington dinning scene.

Curry Laksa


Hawkers noodle soup prepared in rich coconut curry gravy, garnished with fish balls, tofu, chicken

So my Wellington Curry Laksa quest continues. Initially I was surprised how good it was. The laksa seemed more curry powder based than paste base. The usual tofu, fish balls and chicken was nice. However, the boiled egg was cold and did ruin the dish slightly. The soup was nice and had a good amount of coconut milk in the soup. Overall a good curry laksa, but something was missing which I cannot put my finger on it.

Plain Roti


This was not that bad. It was crisp and not that oily.  It had a nice texture and overall very nice. I think it is made on site.

Banana Roti


Roti bread stuffed with banana, topped with chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice cream

I was surprised to see how small this dish was. I thought it would be slightly bigger. However, I thought this dessert was very nice. I would of preferred if there was no chocolate sauce or the strawberry sauce put on the side. The ice cream was a good addition but of course the star was the banana roti which was really nice.

Overall I can see why Istana Malaysia is still open. The food is good and it is BYO. I would say that the presentation of the food is slightly dated and would benefit from an update. However, the service is good, the food is reliable and good for big groups.

Address; 1 Allen

St, Te Aro, Te Aro, Wellington

Website; Istana Malaysia