I heard about Kokako when I was at Atomic when having a coffee. I was in Auckland for another trip and decided to give Kokako a go. Kokako is fully organic and have set up a really nice cafe in Grey Lynn.

Nitro Cold Brew


I decided to give this a try first off. I have not tried many Nitro Coffees, but I am really starting to like them. They are really a nice summer drink and luckily it was a nice day in Auckland. The brew was light and had a natural sweetness to it. It had a nice relaxed taste with well balanced tones. It also had a really nice rounded fruity taste.

Muffin; Peer, Cheery, Chocolate and Green Tea


This was a good muffin and not as sweet as I thought it would be. However, the natural sweetness came from the pear. The chocolate was actually dark which gave the muffin a more rounded warm flavour. Also the cheery was nice, but I really could not taste the tea aspect in the muffin.

Flat White


I went takeaway with this one. I went with the Aotea blend for the Flat White. The coffee was good, but in a different good to what I usually like. The coffee had substance and body and floats above the milk. The coffee was not strong but it was there.

After trying two different roasters in Auckland. I have come to the conclusion that Aucklander’s like the coffees lighter, smoother and sweeter. Even though they make double shots of their coffee in their Flat whites. It just doesn’t have the depth and darkness I like from Wellington Coffee. Kokako is good and I would drink their coffee again.

Website; Kokako Organic Coffee Roasters

Address; 537 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland