Sandy took me to this place many years ago and I have not gone back until now. It is known to be one of the more popular places for coffee in Melbourne CBD. However, it is not the easiest to find. Yes it is on the corner, the only problem is the place and entrance is on the back of the building. One of the only reasons you know it is there is because there are quite a few people drinking outside on the street or sitting beside the window sills.

Cold Brew

It was a warm day in Melbourne and I decided to get a cold brew. The brew was very light, full of fruit flavours and naturally sweet. The sweet fruit flavours are very immediate and kind of cleanses the palette. The fruitiness is very refreshing and you taste the slightest of bitterness at the end.  A nice touch was the cold brew also came with ice which bought out some of the flavours even more.

Flat White

Warm chocolate taste in the coffee and not very dark not bitter. A rather lighter coffee with the milk but the bitterness comes through at the end and moves to be more darker. The milk is quite creamy with the coffee. Overall a good Flat White but the bean is different from what I am use to.

Patricia is very popular place with the people that work around the area. It is only standing room only inside with a few seats outside. Predominately business is for takeaway and the menu is pretty simple and pricing also very simple. A nice place to go and a good alternative to Brother Buddha down the road and not as cluttered

Website; Patricia Coffee

Address; Little Bourke St & Little William St, Melbourne