With Wellington and their doughnut craze at the moment, I thought I would see what Melbourne is like for doughnuts. One place that is on top of that list is Short Stop. A little ship that serves coffee and doughnuts and where you go for a “short stop”. There is very limited seating. However, you can watch the doughnuts being made on site and through the glass. There are numerous flavours which apparently change daily and there is a small glass box which shows you which types of doughnuts are on sale on each given day.

Maple, Walnut and Brown Sugar

Apparently this is one of their more popular ones. The size of the doughnut is good and had a good amount of toppings on top, where you clearly see a lot of walnuts. When eating the doughnuts,I think they got all the quantities right. The doughnut was not too sweet and had a good crunch from the walnuts. The doughnut it self had a nice base flavour but I did find it a bit oily. However, having a coffee did counter act that.

Boston Cream

I am a sucker for custard so I had to give this one a try as well. The chocolate icing on top tasted like dark chocolate, which makes it easier to eat as it is not as sweet. The custard inside is very nice and kicks a bit of a punch as I think there is a bit of alcohol in it. Overall very nice.

Flat White

I also had a coffee and It was good for Melbourne. Had a good colour but was a bit too creamy for me but the coffee aspect did help with me eating my doughnut.


The place is a pretty cool little ship in a typical Melbourne alleyway/laneway. It had a lot of character and the staff are really nice and helpful. I also got given a glass of water to drink and it was sparking which impressed me. I will definitely need to go back and try their other varieties.

Website; Shortstop Coffee and Donuts

Address; 12 Sutherland St, Melbourne